Transitional Life Care for Vajrayanists

TLC (Transitional Life Care) is motivated by a desire to ease suffering and offer encouragement to those who have entered the dying process and their families, and a desire to acknowledge and facilitate the opportunity for spiritual understanding, practice and accomplishment, the essence of the transference of consciousness.

Through education, practice, and hands on assistance we provide spiritual affirmation and encouragement grounded in the traditional customs and rituals based in Vajrayana Buddhism. This could include:

  • ongoing educational training programs
  • bedside companionship and support
  • hospice and bereavement care referrals and information
  • arrangement of lama visitations
  • care of the body at death
  • assistance with cremations
  • coordination and help with memorial services
  • Vajrayana Buddhist rituals following death

Upcoming Events:

  • Magical Display of the Arts with Nirabhra, May 21, 2-6PM
  • Film Series: Advice for Death & Dying, May 28, June 25 and July 16

Resources for Vajrayana Orientation:

Mandala for Dying

Mandala for Dying

Years before TLC Transitional Life Care's conception, our founder Julie Rogers received hospice and bereavement training at Ashland Hospice in Oregon. She has been recommended by Sangye Khandro.