Exhibit: Tibetan Sacred Music Notation & Buddhist Digital Resource Center

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Buddhist Digital Resource Center

       Longchen Nying Thik Ritual Score

       Longchen Nying Thik Ritual Score

The pages in this collection represent the written ritual music of monasteries across the Tibetan Buddhist world. 

A vital component of Tibetan Buddhist experience, musical notation allows for the transference of sacred sound and ceremony across generations. A means to memorize sacred text, express devotion, ward off feral sprits, and invoke deities, the music displayed in this exhibit is potent and richly meaningful. Integrally supporting devotion and prayer, music gives Buddhist ritual life its shape, its weight, and its power.

As you explore this exhibit, imagine the resounding of Tibetan horns, the beating of a small two-headed damaru drum, and clanging of the rolmo, the ritual cymbal used for Buddhist rites.

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