Tashi Mannox

Contemporary Tibetan calligraphy and iconography. Innovation in technique and concept - firmly rooted in the integrity of the ancient tradition.

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When Tashi’s parents introduced their 11 year old son to a group of Tibetan Lamas, they were perhaps unaware of this event’s decisive nature. The boy had thought these Lamas seem happy – I want to be happy as they are. 

Fifteen years pass – and having recently graduated with a BA [Hons] degree in Fine Art – Tashi takes precepts as a monk of the Kagyu order. For the next seventeen years he is apprentice to Sherab Palden Beru, a master of Tibetan art. During this time Tashi trained in the elaborate art of temple decoration and entered into a traditional four-year Buddhist retreat, where he worked as a scribe reproducing ancient Tibetan manuscripts. This highly disciplined training laid a firm foundation in the multiple forms of Tibetan calligraphy. In his latter years as a monk he travelled to northern India, where he was privileged to study under Lama Pema Lodrup, one of the last masters of the ancient Lantsa and Wartu Sanskrit forms. 

Tashi lay down his monastic robes at the turn of the millennium. As an artist before and during monkhood, it was instinctive he continue. Over time he has built on his disciplined training.

In his modern practice, Tashi innovates in technique and concept, but is firmly rooted in the integrity of the ancient tradition. Two monastic decades inform his practice. His calligraphy and iconography artworks are technically and aesthetically compelling, but they are also vehicles for the Dharma – helping to transmit ancient Buddhist wisdoms. And for this, the act of putting ink to paper is equal parts physical to spiritual for Tibetan scribes. 

Now recognised as one of the world’s foremost contemporary calligraphy artists, Tashi has exhibited internationally, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Sharjah and Moscow. In recent years he has established his home and studio near Hay On Wye, on the Welsh border of Herefordshire. www.tashimannox.com

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