2nd Vajrayana Summit in Bhutan—How Vajrayana Is Adapting Today

The Second Vajrayana Summit will be held in Bhutan March 28-30, 2018. The focus is on how vajrayana can continue adapting to the modern world.

In-depth elucidations of vajrayana will be presented by Bhutanese, Tibetan and international practitioners, teachers, scientific researchers, academics, and independent scholars with a special focus on vajrayana's role in the world today. The conference will be open to the general public and will include interactive workshops and discussion groups. 

Panels will  address topics such as:

  • the function of mandalas and Buddhist art
  • mantra practice
  • active imagination and meditative identification with deities
  • transformational dance
  • yogic disciplines based on internally cultivated flows of energy within the physical body
  • approaches to dreaming, sleeping, and dying
  • health and longevity practices
  • non-dual forms of cognition associated with enlightened, altruistic awareness
  • vajrayana engagement with evidence-based cognitive neuroscience and psychology

Call for Papers & Registration at http://www.bhutanstudies.org.bt/vajrayana-summit-2/