Living Vinaya in the West Jan 22-Feb 8, 2018 & Watch Beautiful Video

If the Pratimoksha Sutra remains long in the world, the Buddhadharma will be widespread, and because it is widespread, nirvana can be attained.
— Buddha Shakyamuni

16-day Residential Course with Venerable Master WuYin of Luminary Temple in Taiwan

Western nuns or nuns living in the West—no matter level of ordination—are invited to a rare, 16-day Vinaya training under the guidance of the remarkable master, Ven. Master Wu Yin.

The daily schedule will include meditation, teaching, and discussion, with time for private study and getting to know each other. We will also do posadha (sojong) together.

Ven. Bhiksuni Master Wu Yin will focus on the Skandhas/Khandhas. She will teach from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya in Mandarin with English translation. Group discussions will be in English. Admission is by application. Please use the long form. Application deadline is Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Website: Vinaya Course 2018

Beautiful video of Ven. Wu Yin’s life. In Chinese with English subtitles. (31:38)


Ven. Wu Yin’s life. It’s in Chinese with English subtitles.