Lifetime Achievement Award Eric Pema Kunsang Congratulations!

In November 2016, Chӧkyi Nyima Rinpoche conferred on Erik Pema Kunsang, the pioneering and renowned translator and teacher, a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his services and trailblazing work in translating Tibetan texts into modern languages.

As co-founder of Rangjung Yeshe Publications, Erik has helped produce sixty-two titles in fifteen languages and hundreds of practice liturgies used by practitioners and dharma centres across the globe.

Erik provided helpful guidance to RYI as it began its four-month study program in 1997. In addition, because of his past textual translation work and the generous training he provided to RYI’s first translators, RYI was able to offer classes taught by Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling’s khenpos and lopons during the very first year of the program. For many years, Erik has also generously guided students in RYI’s Translator Training Program, providing insights into translation challenges and methods.

Erik is also a highly popular teacher in Europe and a pioneer of new ways to help people from all backgrounds and professions practice in their everyday lives and workplaces.

Erik and his wife, Tara, publish the free online magazine, LEVEKUNST art of life; available at

Source: Facebook