A Deeply Embedded Demon

Though we might not want to admit it, we become attached to our “stuff,” our issues. They become a kind of full-time job. Since so much of our energy may be tied up in being a victim, an addict, or an angry, self-righteous person, we become afraid of the space that could open up if our problem dissolved. Unconsciously we may cling to our demons and may not allow them to become fully satisfied in the fourth step. In more serious cases we may become emotionally addicted to the energy of the demon . . . The most effective way to work with this resistance is to imagine how the demon would look if it were completely satisfied after you fed it in the fourth step.
— Lama Tsultrim Allione

Source: Feeding Your Demons

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Lama Tsultrim Allione is founder of Tara Mandala, author of Women of Wisdom and Feeding Your Demons. In 2007, while traveling in Tibet, she was recognized as an emanation of Machig Labdron at the historic seat of Machig Zangri Khangmar by the resident lama. http://taramandala.org/