Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room

Online Interactive Tour of a Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room

The Rubin Museum of Art in New York explores the art and culture of the Himalayas, India, and neighboring regions. Recent exhibitions about vajrayana include Monumental Lhasa, Gateway to Himalayan Art, and what I'm currently enjoying online, Sacred Spaces. a series currently featuring The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room.

Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room is an immersive experience that brings you into a traditional shrine room that would be used in a Tibetan home for making offerings, devotional practices and contemplation. Sacred art and ritual objects are explained as you take the tour by clicking on them.

Discover a hundred objects including sculptures, paintings, offering bowls, musical instruments, ritual objects and more.

Take the tour! http://shrineroom.rubinmuseum.org/?_ga=1.122392779.1139855408.1473998747

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Dreams in Buddhist Tradition Dream Over 2015: A Sleepover for Adults. How fun! http://rubinmuseum.org/events/event/dream-over-2016