The Path Has Never Been Clearer

Samayatara—effectiveness of pure wind

Samayatara—effectiveness of pure wind


I’m often called to inspiration by Mamaki, goddess of pure water. But today, it was Samayatara, goddess of pure wind.

It started as just another sunny morning in Hawaii but with the added blessing of a gently gusting wind. Exploring the lay of the land, aimlessly with my cat, an unidentified sound came my way. At first, I thought maybe a car crawling down the rocky driveway, but no. With the help of my eyes, I identified it as the flapping sound of my prayer flags. Immediately, in my deepest being, great gratitude for that sound and its activity!

The shifting political winds are a new aspect of my daily life. Making my way through the multi-layered maze of understandings and choices, I’ve come full circle, back to the beginning of everything Vajrayana — the only answer is the view. And by view, I don’t mean philosophical thought but philosophical thought as the express lane of changeless transcendent awareness.

Vajrayana’s view does not prescribe specific actions under any circumstances but it does insist on the primacy of tantrayana's motivation and intention. Once that is secured, one is empowered to go forth, plowing through the furrows of illusions and false beliefs.

Like all Buddhist traditions, the first task is destroying illusions and false beliefs. Opportunities to deconstruct and reconstruct in better ways are good signs on the path. I ask, just what is it that experiences happiness and suffering and enlightenment?

A friend recently shared that he's tried to discuss sutra and Mahayana with me but that I always steer the conversation back to Vajrayana. He proclaimed me blameless, saying, it was the job of a lama. It's true. I live and breathe to don the invisible veil of the view while engaging in the world, at the very least, without harming others or myself. Turns out that not harming myself (with wrong views) is the bigger challenge.

It's inspires me to recall that Buddhadharma has never been separate from politics and government. The masters of the past all lived in times of conflict and uncertainty. It’s easy to assume they lived in Dharma-favored societies, but they didn’t. Not one of them. In that sense, it seems that we’re right on target!

The path has never been clearer than now! 
However your prayer flags present, 
Now is the time to hoist them! 

With all the love and wisdom I can muster, this post is meant to encourage the sangha in the face of the new global era that is upon our karmic doorstep.

Waiting to connect with you in the comment section below!

Lama Yeshe Dechen Wangmo is a lineage holder of the Dudjom Dakini Heart Essence (mkha 'gro thug thig). Based on thirty-nine years of vajrayana study and practice and her knowledge of literary Tibetan, she offers inspiration, teaching and guidance. In 2002, she established Jnanasukha Foundation as a venue for the teachings of Yeshe Tsogyal and the female buddhas. Since then, the Foundation has generated several initiatives such as support for the birthplace of Yeshe Tsogyal in Tibet, pilgrimages to Tibet, scholarships, grants and humanitarian aid.