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Personally, I can’t imagine living even one day without reading Vajrayana, even if it’s only a quote. Quotes are what drives all my breaths. Here’s a few sources of instant (on-demand) vajrayana quotes to try out. If you have other sources to recommend, please share in the comments below. Thank you.
— Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo

Nectar —A Google Chrome Extension

Nectar is a browser extension providing short quotations from Buddhist masters when you click on the icon. (free)

Most quotes are taken from the publications of Lotsawa House, a digital library of Buddhist translations from Indian and Tibetan masters. 

Search for Nectar at Google Chrome Store

Search for Nectar at Google Chrome Store


Just Dudjom Quotes, Just Dzongsar, Just Mingyur....

Just Dharma Quotes—Celebrating Truth, brings you Dharma quotes from all Buddhist traditions.

To select for Dudjom Rinpoche, in the All Authors bar, scroll down to "Dudjom Rinpoche" and click Submit. Bookmark the search result page in your browser. Now Dudjom Rinpoche's wisdom is just one-click away.

You should bring into the path all those who have a good or bad connection with you without making any distinction whatsoever, be they faithful persons who serve you or faithless persons who revile or abuse you. Care for them with pure prayers of aspiration.
— Dudjom Rinpoche

Just Dharma Quotes also has ready-made feed for Just Dzongsar. It features videos published by Siddhartha's Intent, the Khyentse Foundation and other sources, dating back to 2014. The most recent is How Bankers, Homemakers, and Others Can Practice the Six Paramitas, Hong Kong, December 2016. 

Another Tibetan Vajrayana teacher with a ready-made feed on this site is Mingyur RInpoche.

Just Dharma Quotes offers an Android app.

Navigating the website is a bit quirky. Follow on Facebook, tumblr, and Twitter.


Words of Wisdom

Tara Mandala has just announced the return of Words of Wisdom, a weekly offering of excerpts from Lama Tsultrim Allione and others. This is not on-demand but lands in your inbox.