Online Literary Tibetan Classes Starting January 2017

My online courses are a progressive and comprehensive series of interactive classes for learning literary Tibetan and discovering the deep meaning of your practice texts.
— Neljorma Tendron,

2017 Winter Online Classes

All classes conducted via live video conferencing on Zoom which works well on all devices and operating systems.

Level One
This is for beginners. You will learn to write the Tibetan letters properly; the spelling system and you will practice reading without the aid of transliteration. Flash cards and repetition will be used on a daily basis and for learning vocabulary. 12 classes (three months of study) followed by free reading classes for another month or so. After six classes, there is also one week off to help you catch up.

Level Two
This teaches very basic grammar. You will learn the four main particles and will work your way to understanding simple prayers. To join this level, you must be able to read and spell without hesitation. 15-16 classes (four months of study including two weeks off).

Level Three
This teaches the basics of verbs and will bring you into more complex texts such as sadhana texts, understanding one word at a time. To join this level, you must have studied the four main particles in detail or the eight grammatical cases and understand them well. 18-20 classes (five months of study including two weeks off). This year, we will be studying the Throma sadhana.

Level Four
Advanced study of a specific sadhana. For those who have completed Levels 1-3 or who have attained proficiency from other sources. The difference with Level 3 is that the instructions or colophons at the end of sadhanas will also be studied and translated. 18 classes. This year, we will be studying the Throma sadhana.

For more information, such as dates and costs and to signup online, or send me a message, please visit my website:

Twenty years of chanting sadhanas through phonetics vs just three months to be able to read the texts in Tibetan. Just amazing! Through the skills, the caring and the close loving follow-up of each student of Lama Tendron, any practitioner will do himself a favour by joining these Tibetan language classes. And as Dzongsar Khyentse said many times: “We need more Tibetan translators/speaking people!”.
— E. (Paris, France)

Neljorma Tendron has been practicing and studying literary Tibetan since 1982 and started teaching Tibetan in 2000 at her lama’s request. She has completed two three-year retreats in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions. Teaching Tibetan is one of her greatest pleasures. Neljorma lives in Colorado, USA.


COMMENT: If you have experience with Neljorma's classes, please tell us about it. I personally know she's always wanting to improve. Please use the comment space below. Thank you.

—Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo, Editor