The OM Lab—Offer Your Voice

OM is central to many Asian religious traditions and has endured for more than three thousand years. The sound has been called “elemental” and “universal,” serving as a preface to prayers and chants.

OM is believed to contain the power of all other mantras and the elemental sound of creation. Its three phonetic components (A-U-M) and ensuing silence cover the entire spectrum of the human vocal mechanism, from the throat to the lips. OM is considered the embodiment of the ultimate, omnipotent, and all-pervading essence of existence.

Offer Your Voice:

Rubin Museum of Art is  the “OM Lab,” a participatory space where visitors can step into a recording booth and offer their chant of the Sanskrit mantra OM. Your voice will join thousands of others. Recordings will be remixed by acoustic consultants and featured in the Rubin’s upcoming exhibition, The World Is Sound, opening June 16, 2017.

Why I Om Videos: