Internal Feng Shui—When Vajrayanaists Pray

In Paths of the Soul, acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yang follows a group of Tibetans who leave their families and homes to make a prostration pilgrimage to Lhasa, 1,200 miles away.

Their journey is fraught with difficulties and predicaments of the external, uncontrollable kind. The pilgrims assemble to discuss problems and solutions, but at some point, the leader always ends the discussion saying, Let's pray! The next day, the pilgrimage continues.

"Let's pray" is not what you might expect to hear from Buddhists but...there it is. What could it mean?

In Vajrayana, even if prayers initially take the form of petitions to spiritual masters, deities or buddhas, what occurs along the way is internal transformation.

For practitioners of the Nyingma inner tantras, internal transformation has an unexpected meaning.

It refers to developing our ability to master or conquer phenomena (dbang sgyur thabs) through understanding, experiencing and realizing the inseparability or sameness of the two truths, the relative/conditioned reality and the ultimate/unconditioned reality.

In this way, whatever happens is nothing but good news—the good news of the natural purity of mind and its wisdom.

More light-heartedly, my point is that internal feng shui predicts how external feng shui is experienced.

So. . . let's pray!

Now I'd love to hear from you—Might this approach work for you? Are you willing to find out? Has this approach disappointed you?

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Lama Yeshe Dechen Wangmo (Vajrayana World Editor) is a lineage lama of the Dudjom Dakini Heart Essence (mkha 'gro thug thig). Based on thirty-nine years of vajrayana study and practice and her knowledge of literary Tibetan, she offers inspiration, teaching and guidance. In 2002, she established Jnanasukha Foundation as a venue for the teachings of Yeshe Tsogyal and the female buddhas. Since then, the Foundation has generated several initiatives such as support for the birthplace of Yeshe Tsogyal in Tibet, pilgrimages to Tibet, scholarships, grants and humanitarian aid.