The Guru Drinks Bourbon—Join the Quotation Mandala Offering!

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche's The Guru Drinks Bourbon (Shambhala 2016) presents a much-needed pragmatic view of gurus and disciples in the context of Vajrayana where both parties strive for pure perception, the heart-power of this path. Rinpoche jumps right in:

Guru devotion is the head, heart, blood, spine, and breath of the incredible Vajrayana, the path of Buddhist tantra. The Vajrayana is not a safe stroll in the countryside. In fact, safety is probably the least of our concerns. The Vajrayana's way of dealing with ego and the emotions is hazardous. The methods are sometimes even reckless. Therefore, the tantric path is the most adventurous of all Buddhist paths. If this is not an adventure, then there is no adventure. I am assuming if you are reading this book, you are not a wimp and you have chosen to take this risk.

For me to review this book would not be appropriate nor beneficial. However, I am comfortable advocating by saying that it's an eye-opener and, I must confess, entertaining! This book is a  rare gem in the publishing world of contemporary Vajrayana and deserves more than one pass through. Here's the plan.

The Quotation Mandala Offering

The Quotation Mandala Offering invites you to offer your favorite passage(s) and/or one-line zingers from this book in the comment section below, with the intention of making a mandala offering to Rinpoche in gratitude for his book.

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Please join me in making a mandala offering of paragraphs, sentences and phrases from The Guru Drinks Bourbon. Let's see what we can do! Thank you. —Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo, Editor.