The Eight Chariots — Online

The Eight Chariots — Online

Teachings Online from Jamgon Kongtrul & Dudjom Rinpoche

The transmission of Buddhism from India to Tibet, flowed in several streams, each with their own understandings and textual traditions tracing back to the eighth to twelfth centuries. In Dudjom Rinpoche's Brief Account of the Origins of Buddhism in Tibet he explained:

In Tibet, why did the single [corpus] of the Buddhist doctrine appear as two approaches, Ancient and New? The earlier translations—those up to the time of Lochen Rinchen Zangpo—are known as the early translations of the Ancient tradition. The translations which followed are known as the later translations of the New tradition.

This organizing principle is popular in the New Traditions and is the basis for Jamgön Kongtrul's Treasury of Precious Instructions in eighteen volumes, currently in translation under the umbrella of Tsadra Foundation. (Download the the 258-page Catalog translated by Richard Barron, 2013 here.)

Video Teachings on the Eight Chariots:

1) From Jamgon Kongtrul:

Recently, Tsadra Foundation and Shambhala Publications sponsored a workshop on the Eight Chariots with translators and teachers Sarah Harding, Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, and Elizabeth Callahan. 

The following videos are now streaming for free at

  • Session 2: Eight Practice Lineages: An Organizing Principle of Tibetan Buddhism (1:26)
  • Session 3: Nyingma, Kadampa & Sakya Lamdré (1:49)
  • Session 4: Marpa & Shangpa Kagyu (1:44)
  • Session 5: Zhije & Chöd (1:49)
  • Session 6: Kalachakra, Orgyen Nyendrup, and the Hundred Jonang Teachings (1:55)

2) From Dudjom Rinpoche:

It's good to be aware that there are various enumerations of the Eight Chariots. In Dudjom Rinpoche's text mentioned above, the Eight Chariots are enumerated as:

  1. The Ancient Transmission (Nyingma)
  2. The Buddha’s Word as Instruction (Kadam)
  3. The Path with the Result (Sakya)
  4. The Doctrinal Lineage (Kagyü)
  5. The Shangpa Doctrinal Lineage (Shangpa Kagyu)
  6. The Vajra Yoga (Dorje Naljor)
  7. The Pacification [Shije]
  8. The Approach and Accomplishment [of the Three Indestructible States) (Dorje Nyen Drub)

A video teaching on Dudjom Rinpoche's text by Lama Tsering Gyaltsen with verbatim translation by Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo.



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