Cultivating Groundlessness

Life is filled with uncertainty and change. As many times as I've experienced this reality in positive, negative and neutral circumstances, I'm still surprised by my seemingly innate ability to forget. Fortunately, there are teachers and practices that give us a glimpse of what is truly innate. 

As an earthly being, there's an inherent contradiction to the idea of "being" in "groundlessness."

How can we be in groundlessness when the elements of our bodies are so well-organized and contained?

When our neurological training has perfected to the point that we jerk awake when we dream of falling?


One of the first direct teachings I received was to "make my mind like the sky."


I didn't know how to make my mind sky-like but I was very intrigued by the idea.

It took a long time to stop imagining that mind was literally over my head—


a blue frame...


An unbound space with no ground to locate, no place to be.


Eventually my imaginings expanded, my habit evolved.


The sky inspired me.

With little effort, the practice cultivated groundlessness.

If this essay speaks to you, I invite you to share your thoughts. I'm wondering:

Do you practice in a similar way?

Is spaciousness an antidote for the discomfort of groundlessness?

Please use the comment space below. Thank you.

Genevieve Legacy is a Dharma practitioner and aspiring sky-mind student of Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. Currently a grant writer living in Washington State. In Tibet, fell in love with doorways!