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The Gaze of the Guru

For those of you who love Padmasambhava... While sculpting him, I learned so much about Guru Rinpoche and his famous portrait--for a long time, I was simply overwhelmed about what to write. I felt that I was constantly confronted with the veils between the myths and the man. What I first dismissed as metaphor, sometimes brought me closer to the truth than I could have imagined. 

Becoming Mandala-ized

Mandalas are not just a personal fascination of mine. They are the beating hearts of the entire Vajrayana tradition. Every deity (and they are countless) has a unique mandala. So I naively thought, "Is this MY deity mandala? My ticket to enlightenment?"

It Will Take Time

Because the guru-disciple relationship is so new for Westerners, it will take time before it`s understood with any consistency. It is understandable that some Westerners expect the guru to function in ways similar to other authority figures in their society, such as parents, bosses, generals, police officers, or psychiatrists.

In the East and particularly in Buddhism, it's epistemological based. It's all about the knowing, how we experience things. Western thought and our whole philosophical tradition has a more ontological orientation. It's about what is this. What is being? These are questions Buddhism has always skirted, saying, That's just a rat's nest. Don't go there.