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It Will Take Time

Because the guru-disciple relationship is so new for Westerners, it will take time before it`s understood with any consistency. It is understandable that some Westerners expect the guru to function in ways similar to other authority figures in their society, such as parents, bosses, generals, police officers, or psychiatrists.

Flying Solo

Since my early days in Buddhism, I've often, too often, heard people object to my taking vajrayana seriously. I know it's not about the philosophy because most people don't know much about non-Western philosophy. It's purely an emotional reactions and I'm charged with the crime of being selfish. 

What is Crazy Wisdom?

Although I've been in vajrayana for four decades, I've experienced crazy wisdom (yeshe cholwa first hand with only one of my teachers. This could be because authentic crazy wisdom is rare and also, perhaps it is only displayed for those who can benefit and not everyone? 

Where The Thinking Stops

Give me energy so that belief in self falls away. Give me energy so that I see through life’s illusions. 
Give me energy so that reactive thinking comes to an end. Give me energy so that I know mind has no beginning. Give me energy so that ...