108 Dzogchen Lineage Thankgas

Beautiful art underway and beautiful website!

The inspiration for project comes from Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche. His vision – in turn inspired by the wishes of his masters and through his own wisdom mind – is to help preserve the authenticity of Dzogchen lineage, a line of transmission through which Dzogchen teachings were passed down for thousands of years in an unbroken thread.

We will make 108 high quality print sets of the original 108 thangka paintings (total of over 11,600 prints) to send to the monasteries around the world for the present and future generations to learn and draw inspiration from. We will also endeavor to make 108 thangkas digitally available for the wider public. Finally, we aspire to print a large format book of the entire 108 thangka collection together with Rinpoche’s teaching on each thangka.